Interactive Sex Shows

What are these shows – virtual & offline ones?

  • Crazy or not?

Recently the whole world discussed very spicy news: the Japanese became completely crazy with their TV shows! Not satisfied with the usual television entertainment, they came up with a TV program, where the guy has sex with girls through the barrier. Why does he do this remains a mystery, but judging by the reaction of the TV presenter, who is walking around him with the microphone, it is necessary according to the rules of the show. At this time, nude young women are lying with their legs spread apart and aren’t shy about neither cameras nor operators. Interestingly, strange with what erotic ideas will local TV producers come up with the next time? read more

How People Watch Porn in China

In early January 2019, the Chinese government reported on the blocking of 130 thousand sites with pornographic and prohibited content in 2018. At the same time, the police launched a campaign against VR pornography and distribution of any erotic files on the network. The Internet is considered the last relatively safe place for pornography banned in the country in 1999. It brings income, generates flash mobs and forms the underground, which the authorities have been trying to stop for almost 20 years. read more

Is It Possible to Fall in Love with a Virtual Partner?

Nowadays, when the interaction between people is increasingly transferred to the Internet, more and more individuals choose virtual dating. In such a kind of relationships there are several basic and understandable bonuses:

  • time-saving;
  • safety;
  • lack of responsibility.

Is it possible to find in love blindly? Is the lack of communication and dating in daily routine are the main reason for love online or with VR partner?

Chance for Happiness

Psychologists claim that our search for virtual relationships is similar to a natural desire to find love in real life. But motifs are very different: read more

Porn Based on Comics and Video Games

Nowadays many porn studios are shooting adult content based on popular video games. Creating high-quality hot movies and vr porn hd that video game fans will appreciate is a very interesting business. Some of the crew members can be gamers themselves. No surprise: we live in a digital age and technologies bring a decent income.

Leaders on this market are BaDoinkVR and VRCosplayX companies. As the names imply, both enterprises are engaged in the creation of porn video for virtual reality with full immersion. Among the most popular films we may name: read more

Chat Bots for Adults

New technologies accelerate and make our lives and relationships more productive. We live in an era of quick sex and flirting on the Internet. Millions of people globally used dating sites and other adult platforms. The concept of online love is not new. Although in the past we most likely associated it with balding bachelors and spinsters. Now among the users of such services, there are also young and beautiful representatives of the Z-generation. This kind of audience prefers apps like Tinder. It is easy to understand why – they allow you to avoid having to dance for hours in a nightclub in front of a stranger in the hope that he/she has the same desires. read more