Chat Bots for Adults

New technologies accelerate and make our lives and relationships more productive. We live in an era of quick sex and flirting on the Internet. Millions of people globally used dating sites and other adult platforms. The concept of online love is not new. Although in the past we most likely associated it with balding bachelors and spinsters. Now among the users of such services, there are also young and beautiful representatives of the Z-generation. This kind of audience prefers apps like Tinder. It is easy to understand why – they allow you to avoid having to dance for hours in a nightclub in front of a stranger in the hope that he/she has the same desires.

But some websites went even further and created chatbots for love and sex. As you know, companies create chatbots to reduce support costs in the promotion, or vice versa to help the enterprise earn by selling services. On the adult platforms, these technical assistant try to satisfy people needs in communication and physical relations. For some users, it is simply fun, a sort of escapism in a global network.  

Despite the success of such innovations, people’s opinions and forecast about this new way of erotic relax remain completely opposite:

  • On the one hand, cynics mockingly condemn the superficial, inefficient communication inherent in dating or porn sites. They predict a bleak future in which real meetings and romance will become only a dim echo of days gone away.
  • On the other hand, the fans of such entertainment ardently insist on a bright future, which opens up with different inventions. Users can master the art of love with an online robot which will provide an opportunity to meet somebody special. Admires of sex-tech declare that technology does not eliminate romance and passion, but rather increase the number of ways to achieve it.

Honest Talk

Maybe you have heard this story that sometimes IT know-how performs a rather surprising function. A chatbot tested recently in three US states designed to hunt for sex predators. It is hidden behind the phone numbers of fake online escort services. It is hosted by NGO that combat human trafficking. The bot responds to messages. First, the program pretends to be a girl and discusses her age, body, and cost of the services. But if the “client” agrees to buy lovemaking session, the bot abruptly changes the tone. For example, if a potential buyer is interested in minors.

Just be a responsible user, that’s all!

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