Interactive Sex Shows

What are these shows – virtual & offline ones?

  • Crazy or not?

Recently the whole world discussed very spicy news: the Japanese became completely crazy with their TV shows! Not satisfied with the usual television entertainment, they came up with a TV program, where the guy has sex with girls through the barrier. Why does he do this remains a mystery, but judging by the reaction of the TV presenter, who is walking around him with the microphone, it is necessary according to the rules of the show. At this time, nude young women are lying with their legs spread apart and aren’t shy about neither cameras nor operators. Interestingly, strange with what erotic ideas will local TV producers come up with the next time?

  • From Amsterdam – with Love

Casa Rosso is a scandalous sex theater in the city. It can be identified by a logo with a playful pink elephant painting on a building in the Red Light District. It is here that you can watch a show where the actors make love … right on the stage!

They say that, as a rule, visitors leave after the presentation slightly disappointed. Because nobody asked them to join. It’s a joke, of course. But the entire show lasts an hour and a half and consists of ten acts, which begin with an acrobatic act with masturbating girls, who then give way to pairs of actors in theatrical costumes, engaged in traditional lovemaking.

Every evening, an enormous queue is built up in front of this venue to see what kind of erotic entertainment is being talked about. After watching full play, visitors who have already bought a ticket can stay and watch this reality show as many times as they like.

Educational Approach

The premiere of the interactive comedy called Sex Gurus took place in New York on the stage of one famous night club. It is based on a play by Austrian author Wolfgang Weinberger and is a great success in other countries like England, Poland, and Lithuania.

Two hosts appear in front of the audience in a completely unexpected, new role for the viewers and for themselves. In a comedic form, but very piquant and outspoken, they openly talk with people about sex:

  • How often do you need to have sex?
  • What do women and men really want?
  • What position is your favorite one?
  • Have you ever experienced lovemaking with erotic toys?
  • Do you like to watch porn with your partner etc.?

The Sex Gurus show will help many males and females find answers to questions that they have not dared to ask before, but which always interested them, stirred the blood and inflamed their imagination.

An idea is that famous showmen turn into real lecturers and experts on sex. However, the main participants of the event are the spectators themselves! This is a kind of experiment that can change the viewpoint of many in the hall on the relationship between a man and a woman.

So choose what’s up to you!

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