Is It Possible to Fall in Love with a Virtual Partner?

Nowadays, when the interaction between people is increasingly transferred to the Internet, more and more individuals choose virtual dating. In such a kind of relationships there are several basic and understandable bonuses:

  • time-saving;
  • safety;
  • lack of responsibility.

Is it possible to find in love blindly? Is the lack of communication and dating in daily routine are the main reason for love online or with VR partner?

Chance for Happiness

Psychologists claim that our search for virtual relationships is similar to a natural desire to find love in real life. But motifs are very different:

  • True feeling envisages the need to care for your special one.
  • With a stranger or 3D lover, we tend not to give love but receive it. Especially if you are a person who really lacks something in life. This is not some kind of egoistic stance but desire to fill inner space with something important.
  • Another problem is self-acceptance and self-sufficiency. If the individual has problems with them, there is a feeling that “something is not right” with me. “That’s when I will go to bed on time, spend money only wisely, never be late, let no one down – then, probably, I deserve to be loved. But now it is not so. Now, at any moment, I don’t deserve real passion because I am bad.” All this is experienced as a feeling of depression, uncertainty, loss, loneliness – what is generally called discomfort.

How virtual dating or sex can help? Whether it’s hot chatting or a session in VR headsets, you may relax and forget about all your problems. And your partner seems to be perfect and very caring because he/she brings you a lot of pleasure and delight.  

Most likely, men & women, who fall in love with an abstract partner, subconsciously want to avoid communicating with a person directly. Because it is not easy for everyone to interact with a human being. It’s not easy to love your neighbor. Why? Perhaps, because during the initial interaction everything seems to be simple and flawless. But after some time you start disputing and feel pain from the fact that something was said to you etc. Love in mixed reality is a kind of protection from negative experiences that can occur during real dialog.

In real life, indeed, it is difficult to love a person and give him your spiritual warmth, because for this you may have a lot to do and sacrifice a lot.

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